4th of July Weekend Wrap-up!

What a great holiday I've spent with my family this year! I was able to get 2 days off for the the Fourth, and we took advantage of it!

To start off the weekend, we headed to the Orchard to pick some blueberries and raspberries :)

We ended the day of picking by making fresh blueberry smoothies after dinner!

First thing Monday morning, we headed to Indiana Dunes and spent the day there! It was a beautiful day for the beach!

 We made it home in time to watch the parade in our small town following some fireworks. :)

The next day, on the 4th of July, we celebrated by watching a parade in the next town.



Does anyone else have tractors in their parades-- or is that an Indiana thing?

After the parade, we had a cookout at home, with some water balloons and lawn games :)

                         *My Independence Day Display*

When night came, we packed up and headed to watch more fireworks.

Overall, it was a great holiday spent with the family! I'm thankful for the freedom to even celebrate our Country's birthday!


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