Graduation Candy Bouquet

I am so proud of my sister graduating from College last weekend!

                                        ^ 2017 Grad right herrr ^

I wanted to get her a big bouquet of flowers... or a money lei.... I needed something to make her smile!

I decided to put her favorite candy in a bouquet and she loved it!

It is SO easy to make and you can try it today for your graduating friend or relative! 
Of course, the laffy taffy ropes could be stuck into the bouquet with no problem.

I attached bamboo skewers (or chenille stems) to the back of the Air Heads with a small line of hot glue. I do not recommend creating a chocolate bouquet this way, as the hot glue will melt the chocolate inside or burn the wrapper!

Once I had all the candy sticks and laffy taffy ropes assembled, I wrapped packing tape around them to secure and hold the bouquet together. 

Then, I wrapped one sheet of colorful tissue paper around the bouquet to hide the tape...

And securing with a curled ribbon! It was a little heavy, because I used 2 whole bags of air heads and laffy taffy rope!

I loved the result and it was a unique way to say "I'm proud of you!" 
And what College student doesn't want 10 pounds of their favorite candy given to them like a flower bouquet?! Haha

Thanks for stopping by! Spring is slowly creeping in for us here in Indiana and I am so relieved!

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