Valentine Candy Crackers

These are so easy and fun to make for your children, friends, and family!
 I made some for my boyfriend, along with handmade Valentines for him! 
Such great surprises to open!

I bought all of my boyfriend's favorite chocolates! 
I also needed toilet paper tubes and tissue paper. 

I filled the tubes with candy until it was full, then I carefully rolled it in tissue paper, twisting the ends to keep the candy inside, and giving it the look I needed. 

They can be ripped open on either sides, and the candy will spill out! You can also fill it with other treats and toys too, depending on the season and occasion!

I taped the middle just to keep it secure. 

I bought this cute felt envelope at our Dollar General! His crackers are going in here!

I also added my handmade Valentines- Pokemon, the Walking Dead and a little bit of humor are more his type. Don't worry, I did add a sentimental card to the collection too.

Lastly, I painted over a small matchbox and added a few jolly ranchers inside! 
I know this is something he will love!

I hope it was an inspiration to you to get crafting! Hope you have something special planned for Valentine's Day, thanks for stopping by for a quick read!


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