Dorm or Bedroom Art Wall

Trying to find something to fill an empty wall in your bedroom?
While I was in College, I created this colorful art wall to both brighten my day and give me motivation. I got a lot of compliments from other students as they walked past my open room, and I think it added a great touch, reflecting my personality. 

 You can add your own color scheme to match your room decor, of course. I chose the bright colors. 


*Find some good quotes that help and motivate you, and match a theme to those quotes as a start.
For example, I painted 6 ombre strips of pretty pink and painted on the quote, "Life is beautiful, keep smiling."
*Add your monogram or name initial. 
*Hang up some drawings by your loved ones. My boyfriend, siblings, and friends drew or made random paintings and drawings for me... I added them to the wall as well. 
*Add your personal touch. Do you like polka dots? Chevron? Pennants? Glitter? Add your favorites to make it your own.
*Sketch and color drawings of things that make you happy; like pets, flowers, beaches, etc.
*Print out some pictures of colorful things. I had hot air balloons, icecream, and sunset pictures attached to the wall too.

Once you have a good idea of what you want, create your art wall by mix and matching your pieces.
Add some white icicle lights if desired!

Hope this gave you some inspiration today! Thanks for stopping by to read this, and you can be sure your art wall will give your room that pop of personality!


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