At Home Spa Scrubs

These are my favorite scrubs I make when the weekend comes! They are all made from ingredients in your bathroom or kitchen, and they are both relaxing and refreshing to use!
Here's how to make them:

The Body Scrub is made with:
1/4 cup coffee grounds, 
2 TBSP coconut oil, 
and 1/2 TSP of vanilla.

I combine those three ingreds. together and keep them stored in a small jar to use in the shower. I scrub this vigorously all over, and the coffee exfoliates and relaxes, while the vanilla produces such a calming scent.

My Foot Scrub is made with:
2 TBSP coconut oil
5-6 drops lavender oil (use whatever scent you like!)

1 TSP white sugar
 This always helps! I am on my feet all day at work, and this both softens and relaxes my aching feet! The sugar is a gentle exfoliant that cleans away dead skin cells and massages. 
The oil scent can be changed according to the season (peppermint, cinnamon, lemon, and pine are some examples of other scents to use!) Be sure it is all rinsed off before standing-- the coconut oil makes your feet slippery!

Again, I combine them all into a small jar to keep in my bathroom for the shower.  


My Face Scrub is made with:
2 TBSP coconut oil 
2 TSP baking soda
5-6 drops tea tree oil (a good acne-blocking essential oil)

Since my skin is so sensitive, the baking soda is perfect for scrubbing on my face to totally cleanse it! I rub the tips of my fingers in small circles all over my face to make sure the scrub gets into my skin to cleanse. Those three ingreds. are keys to keeping smooth, healthy, and fresh skin.

All the measurement amounts were mostly guesswork- experiment a little with each product and add more or less to your scrubs. 
Always remember when creating your own scrubs:
*Start with a base (such as coconut oil, milk, honey, etc)
*Add an exfoliant (such as brown sugar, coffee, oatmeal, etc)
*Finish with an add-in (like essential oils, fruits, chocolate, etc)

What I love about these scrubs is that they are homemade, much cheaper, chemical-free, and you can use so much variety with each one! I love using them as a wind-down to my busy week! 
Stay-at-home spas and pampering yourself are the better ways to go!

Hope this was a help to you! Thanks for stopping by!


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