DIY Picture Display

I recently made this picture frame display and thought I would share it with you guys!

So simple! All you need is:
 *Picture frame (no glass and no backing needed)
 *Strong wire (Flimsy or thin wire will bend to the weight of the pictures)
 *Hot glue
 *Your favorite pictures
 * Miniature clothespins (found in the scrapbooking aisles- I actually bought a pack of 20 for $1 at Meijer!)

I started by stringing about 3 strands of wire from one end of the frame to the other and hot glued them into place on the back side of the frame. 

 I painted the frame black to match my bedroom decor.

After it had dried, I hot glued 3 mini clothespins along the top of the frame and attached chalkboard tags to the clothespins. I wrote 
"D & A" (Dan & Ashe) on the tags so it would add a finishing touch to the picture display.

And finally, I clipped my pictures along the wire with the mini clothespins! This craft took my about 10 minutes to make, not including the paint drying time!

Thanks for reading! I also made another frame for my sister's birthday gift and she loved it!


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