Beach Memory Decor

My boyfriend and I had the chance to visit Mexico with his family and we had so much fun!! 

The weather was gorgeous and I really enjoyed the time we spent together there!

I was already planning out some memory crafts I could create as soon as I arrived home, and here are the finished products! We found 2 big sand dollars, and I painted them both. We also found a small dollar, and I glued it to a scrap piece of wood and used it to complete the word "San Felipe," which is where we spent our week in Mexico!

I also gathered some rocks and shells and created some pictures with them.


I painted the canvases to start as a base, and attached the rocks to look like me and Daniel sitting on the beach together. I created the palm tree out of small stones and a stick.

I took all the leftover shells and shaped them into a heart, I love how that one turned out!

Click here to see the tidal wave clam shell I painted to use as a trinket dish!

Thanks for stopping by and reading!


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