Our Annual Ornaments for 2016

So! Every year, I find an ornament to sum up what we've done throughout that year. These ornaments will eventually hang on our tree in the future as a reminder of our years together. It's a new tradition I started. 
I couldn't find the right ornament this year because so many great things have happened! I couldn't decide between visiting Las Vegas for the first time, finishing College, going to Mexico... so I made two! 

 The ornament on the left represents the time I spent with him this summer down in Mexico. We had a great time riding quads, hanging out on the beach, and shopping! Those are small shells I found on the beach while I was there, and I just dumped them into a clear ornament bulb I bought at Walmart for $2.50!

The second ornament I made this year represented our long distance relationship status. Since the majority of this year was spent apart, I wanted us to look back and remember those days and how it made us stronger as a couple in many ways <3

It was so easy to make! I'll be more than happy to share it with you! I used a white ornament I had around the house (You can also get them at Walmart of course). I used various permanent marker colors to create his and my state. It was drawn free handed, but I used a state image as a guide reference. I used dots to connect the area hearts where we live. I also added a personal touch by putting our names and relationship start date. 

So far, it hasn't smudged, I just blew on the ink until I was sure it was dry and hung it up! They will hang on my tree until we can get our own tree together!

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