Christmas Canvases

Christmas is just 12 days away!
If you're starting to panic about finding the right gift for your family or friends, here are a few ideas! Walmart sells various sizes of canvases starting at $4! These are my Christmas-themed canvases I have made for relatives this year! Such a ~cheap~ and personal gift to give to your loved ones! I even used a few of these for decorating!

 I made this sign for my boyfriend's parents. They've been so kind to me this summer when I visited.
 My brother just bought an apartment and I made the top left canvas as a gift for him. He and his girlfriend started dating on July 15th. I added the date to make it more personal and he can put it in his new home.

I wasn't very pleased with the results of the bottom left canvas. So I added a couple touches and felt better about it afterwards!

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