Cheesy Care Package

So my boyfriend and I are currently in Long Distance Status right now... So annoying! (-_-) Throughout our relationship of nearly 2 years, he would be able to confirm that I love to make him gifts and surprise him with things to make his day. Last week I was able to put together this very fun care package to send to him. Here's how it turned out!

Sorry This Had To Be So Cheesy

I had just as much fun putting it together as I did listening to his response when he received it! Sorry I only have one picture to show... I got a little carried away once I got started ;)
Not only was it was filled with various cheesy snacks he loves, but I also included some cute and funny puns to match the type of snack it was. Here are the snacks I sent and the messages that went with it:

•Cheez its• "I 'cheddar' be seeing you soon!"

•Hot Cheetos• an arrow pointing to the 'flamin' hot' saying that's you!

•Cheese Flavored goldfish• "Plenty of fish in the sea, but you're the one for me!"

•S'more snack• "Every time we FaceTime, I miss you s'more and s'more!"

•Plain Cheetos• "Falling in love with you was no 'snaccident'"

•Cheese with cracker sticks• "We go together like... Cheese and crackers!"

•His favorite cereal• "I'm not flakin' when I say I love you!"

•Pringles stix• "Through this long distance we need to 'stix' together"

•Sunflower seeds• "Can't you 'seed' how much I miss you!"

At the top of the snacks I packed in my mushy letter... ;) the envelope, however, was decorated with even more cute foods and matching puns! Here are some ideas:

- Leaving me was a big "missed steak"
- We're like two peas in a pod
- Olive you so much!

The possibilities are endless! Now you know why I got carried away once I got started!

Thanks for reading! Try it out for yourself-  whoever receives this cute package will love it!


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