Nautical Office Decor

I was assigned to become office decorator for my Dad.
I wanted a nautical theme, so I gathered my supplies and went to work. Nothing had to be bought, except for the rope. 
Here are projects from my trunk to yours:
Of course, where would life be without pictures?
I strung some strong jewelry wire and printed out various black-and-white pictures of our family and beach scenes. They are attached to the wire with binder clips-a popular pinterest idea of today.

He had limited space, so I used whatever shelf and wall space I could find.

Using a small vase, I filled it with sand and shells, wrapping a ribbon around the neck. I scattered shells and used rope around the decor.

Behind the vase is a sign, I made that by painting a simple beach scene using 3 or 4 colors onto a scrap of wood.

The green bottle we had owned and washed.
I hand-drew an anchor on a French book page and framed it, gluing seashells around it.

These were simple to make. Using very cheap (I mean cheap, like a nickel each at a thrift store cheap) cardboard frames and decorated them all differently.  
The first was made simple by (carefully!) hot gluing seashells in a random pattern on a piece of paper and taping it inside the frame. I made the shells all match the decor by hand painting EACH ONE OF THEM. Now that took forever, but it looks nice.
The second one in the picture was just a picture I colored with pencils.

 I typed a KJV Bible verse and added a ship's wheel icon to the bottom of the page.

The other frame holds another picture I colored with pencils.

*Also, you can change the frame colors by adding different layers of spray paint. Like I did for these two.

These 3 penciled-colored pictures were not taped in frames, but taped onto colored construction paper, giving it the illusion of a frame hanging on the wall.
That fern adds a nice touch. :)
His pen jar was very boring, especially for something that was used often. I laid rope and shells inside, and made a jar necklace for him with a compass charm attached.
The vase can be made simply by adding a piece of tape around the base and wrapping the rope up. If you can, squeeze a shell in between the ropes. Add matching fake flowers.

Along the windowsill, I added nautical knickknacks and shells.

And the classic message in a bottle. Just a recycled glass bottle and sand at the bottom. A handful of shells and the remaining rope coiled around. A tea-stained piece of paper rolled into a tube makes for the message.

And that's all! It was mostly a matter of replacing old things with new matching decor.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read and enjoy the rest of the summer.
Craft on!



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