Pirate Week- Letter X

I think this was my favorite theme for Preschool! Pirate week for the letter X- because X marks the spot! Argh!
Here are some really cool ideas if you decide to have a pirate theme!

I cut out several brown rectangles and drew random pictures with a dotted line. I gave them the mini "maps" and had them draw X's where they wanted their buried treasure to be hidden!
This next craft came in "handy."
I painted their fingers brown, the palm tan, and the heel of the hand/ thumb red. They pressed it onto the paper and... Ahoy!A friendly Preschool pirate matey!
After it dried, I added a face and eye patch! :)

For our sensory project, I hid rhinestones under white sand in a sensory bin. I gave them mini scoops and shovels and let them search for the buried treasure.

Another activity I did with them was hiding plastic golden coins throughout the room and having them search to find the hidden doubloons. That was a fun game for them.

We made another friendly pirate later on by coloring the back of a paper plate. A very simple craft for the younger ones.

I had bought a pirate-themed shape book from the United Arts and Education store for only $5! They love it mostly because they can use dry-erase markers instead of the same old pencil everyday.
Then friday was our big day: I had them decorate toliet paper tubes and tied string around them so they could have their own telescope. 
Then I folded up some newspaper pirate hats for them,
and I crumpled up foil and shaped it into a hook. I pushed it into a styrofoam cup- and they had some pretty cool pirate garb!

They were ready for the big treasure hunt!

I made a treasure map, drawing familar pictures of things around the house. The goal was to spell the word Pirate. Once they had found the giant letters I hid in those places, they would find the treasure!
After much searching and thinking, we found our treaure hiding in the garden.
The chest had gems and coins inside, and also...
Some I Spy bottles! These are easy to make and practically free! I only had to buy the rice.
Using old glass bottles (or plastic- if you're afraid your children might break the glass...) Fill the bottle with interesting objects. Anything laying around the house-from beads to marbles to tiny figurines to googly eyes!

It can be used as a fun travel game, or something for them to do when it's a quiet time...

I filled it with all kinds of cool stuff! It's going to take them a lifetime to look at all the things I put inside!

I Spy a silver thumbtack!
That was our last activity for our pirate week- it was fun doing every activity- especially that treasure hunt! They really liked that!
I thought this idea was perfect- since it's so hard to find things that start with letter X...
X-ray..... Xylophone....?
Hopefully this gave you some ideas for your pirate theme.
And don't forget to...
Stay crafty, matey!


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