Stempunk Heart Necklace

Steam punk is beginning to trickle into the fashion trend, and I'm sort of drawn to it! The best way to describe it would be a Victorian- Futuristic-Romance.
So many things are associated with this look, from cogs and gears, to top hats and parasols, to padlocks and colored gemstones!

Some steam punk fashion is a little out there, and too far out of my comfort zone. But some of it is so unique looking, I'm just starting to love steam punk! 

Here's a heart charm I made for the "Steampunk" trend, and it's very simple to make yourself!

I bought a very cheap alarm clock at the Dollar Store for a buck, and took it apart, using only the gears and cogs inside. The were made of plastic, so I spray painted some gears bronze and the others silver. After buying a silver heart charm at Walmart, I glued the painted gears onto the heart charm, making sure to keep that heart shape.
Then, I glued a rhinestone in the center of a gear and wrapped 20-gauge wire around the heart and secured it in the back. Then, lastly, I attached a jumpring or two on the charm and slid it onto the desired chain length.
Very simple!
Try it out for yourself!
The total cost to make this project was only $5.


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