N is for Nuts- Preschool Activity

N is for nuts! I thought of this idea spur-of-the-moment and tried to find every kind of nut we had in the house. Unfortunately, we only had 2 different kinds- peanuts and pistachios. I was hoping we'd have walnuts, cashews, or filberts. Oh well.
This will probably work best with several different kinds of nuts- it's better for sorting that way.
 Put all of the nuts in a large pile before your student and have him sort out and match the correct nuts to each bucket.

Even though I only had 2 kinds of nuts, I made sure to give him a ton of them so he would have to take the time to sort them all. 
It's a very simple way to learn about the letter N! Afterwards, we moved onto our next "N" project while we chomped down on some of those tasty pistachios and peanuts!

Thanks for reading!!


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