Valentine's Day Preschool Activities

Here's a re-cap of what we did on Valentine's Day for Preschool:
First, we started out by making heart trees. I traced their hand and arm, and cut out a heart shape in a makeup sponge. They dipped it in paint and dabbed away!

Then they colored the trunk when they were finished stamping.

Next, we made heart crowns. Easily made by stapling pink or red paper around their head, and attaching small hearts around the crown.
In between our letter reviews, we stamped with toilet paper tubes-bent into a heart shape.

Another great activity we did- this was also great for fine motor. I taught them how to weave yarn through a large heart I had punched holes through.

And lastly, I helped the kids make their Valentines for Mom. You can cut out medium-sized hearts, and have the kids name things they love their mom or another loved one the best for!
I attached a green pipe cleaner to each heart.

And of course, it was a big hit!

They had a great time at our little Valentine school day! Hope this helped ya-
Thanks for reading!



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