DIY: Snow Globes

One day this week for Preschool, I helped Ben and Abby make snowglobes for their craft project! They turned out very nice so I decided to put them up on my blog -under my Teacher Stuff and DIY Crafts tags, because anyone can do this craft, they're very pretty, and a bit mesmerizing!

I don't have step-by-step pictures, but I think a detailed explanation will suffice:

1. Start with a plain jar. Big or small? Doesn't matter.

2. The most fun part! Pour in all kinds of light-catching treasures such as sparkly beads, blue, white, or silver glitter (I used fine AND large flake glitter). Sequins, confetti pieces, and whatever else you'd like.

3. Pour in the water, leaving enough air at the top of the jar to shake it!

4. Screw on the lid and hot glue it- like crazy! I couldn't imagine one of the kids shaking the life out of that snowglobe and then the lid popping off!!

5. Shake, roll, and enjoy your pretty new craft!

I liked shaking it and holding it in the light. The glitter sparkled and shined in the sunlight- it was so pretty!
Then Ben thought it would be a great idea to bring it into the bathroom with the light off and shine the LED light he was carrying around with him. As I shook it, he held the light up to the back of it, making the glitter turn the electric blue color as it swirled around in the jar.
They still shake those jars and watch the glitter swirl inside- it's definitely a keeper craft!
Thanks for reading!


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