Letter Q Activities

Yeesh, I haven't posted in such a long time! Here are a few activities you can try for letter Q. They're very simple to have your kids do, and they are also great memory helpers for reviews!
Q is for QUILT. I supplied some fabric scraps cut out in square shapes and had them glue the pieces into a large rectangle. I encouraged patterning, but the next time I looked, they were doing whatever they wanted. But that's okay, it was creativity at its best!

For our Math day, we matched and sorted some QUEEN crowns. That was pretty fun for them. Ben always likes to play games in school. But, my siblings never have fun in school. It's always work and no play....
Hahaha, yeah right! ;)
We always have a BLAST! I'm the best Teacher evah!
For our Fine motor/Sensory project, we did QUARTER RUBBING. I laid 5 or 6 quarters under white paper, and showed them how to lightly rub over the paper to reveal the coins underneath. They had to do quite a few pieces of paper after that!

On Friday, we made this next craft project for our Art. QUACK QUACK duck crafts. I painted their hand with yellow paint, and they stamped it onto white paper and drew a little face. They also drew their Q's beside the duck and I finished the word "quack" for them. It turned out cute!

And, our last project for Spelling was a QUILTED Q.
I cut out a large capital letter Q and glued fabric scraps around it to create a quilt look.
We have all of the letters we have learned so far taped along the ceiling. I taped our new Q right beside our purple with pennies P

Thanks for reading!
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