Dollar Store Gift Idea- Nail Set

This is a great last-minute gift to make- and a lot cheaper too.
It's very simple - I bought everything in that bucket from the Dollar Tree.
First, start by buying a cheap bucket at Dollar Tree.

Buy nail stickers and confetti that can be glued on the nails.

Get some special polishes like a striper or a glow in the dark polish.
(Okay, so I can't safely say I bought EVERYTHING from the Dollar store - I got the glow-in-the-dark polish at Meijer.... 2 bucks.... on clearance.)

Add in some pretty colors, and a couple sparkly ones too.
Go bold, or stay cool.

Don't forget the nail tools!

Cotton and nail files. I didn't have to buy these- got them from my bathroom :)

Finger and Toe nail clippers.

Place it all neatly in the basket and you've got a pretty nice gift!

I'm sure she'll be glad to get this! You get a lot more for your money, instead of buying those silly gift kits at Walmart (they hardly come with as much as you paid for!) It's definitely money well spent. You don't even have to add that much stuff if you don't want to- but you'll be saving money from this gift- that's for sure!


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