Snowman mantle

We tried going for a different theme this year for Christmas. Our mantle is usually used for miscellaneous decorations, or the nativity, but this year, we displayed ALL of the snowmen we had. For some, it might be WAY too cluttered, but I think it looks pretty cool!
We nestled some white lights between all those little guys, and hung up the snowy-colored stockings.

We hung up the handmade garland- coffee filter snowflakes glued onto black and borwn construction paper.
The coffee filter snowflakes are easy to make-you can also have the kids make these for you-it will make them feel helpful with the Christmas decorating, too!
Spread out a coffee filter and fold it in half, again in quarters and once more into eighths (it should make a fan shape.) Snip designs on the filter and fold it back out again. Instant snowflake!
A very simple mantle idea. Here's what it looks like with the lights off:
Very nice! Thanks for reading!


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