Glitter dipped Ornament Tutorial

These are so pretty and easy to make! Here's how:

All you really need are clear glass ornaments, glue, and glitter. I used these teardrop/light bulb ornaments- I liked them better than the round baubles.

Roll the bottom of the ornament in Elmer's glue.
Sprinkle with glitter of your choice.

You can get really creative with these, using all kinds of different colors to match your decor.
Red and black,

Green and gold,

Icy blue, silver, white, and others!
I splattered white paint on that middle one for a snowy look.
You can draw designs with the glue before applying glitter, such as dots, waves, drips, or Christmas shapes.
Hang them up until they're dry, and you're finished!


  1. Where did you get your clear bulb ornaments?


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