Country Christmas Ideas

We decorated our house for Christmas last Saturday! It's getting so festive around here... Anyway, I've gone for a different look then what we normally do. Usually, Mom just sets out all of her decorations. This time, I decorated with a theme in mind...
I like the rustic look of Christmas decor. The warm, welcoming, country feeling of Christmas is what makes our home feel like Christmastime! So, I just made do with what we had, and got started! Who knows? This might give someone some inspiration and ideas as well... If you haven't started decorating yet.
This is the top of our vegetable bin.

Cover the top with burlap,fill a mason or decorated jar with evergreen boughs and pinecones, stack 3 similar boxes together and tie off with ribbon... Fill in the empty spaces on the top with more evergreen boughs and pinecones. Hang up some heart shaped cinnamon ornaments in the window.(Here's the recipe for them.)
Bring all the decor colors together. Add more ribbons onto the wreath until it matches the "look" you're going for.
Now for the piano. Hang up some country stockings on the wall. Spread out some pretty sparkly garland. Add a cute homey snowman and....

Also, fill an old basket with greenery, poinsettias and pinecones. And a cute bow!
Using another table, spread out more burlap and place a candle in the center. Put a lantern beside it.
Decorate your lantern with a candle and pine; place a bell and more greenery 'round the top. Place a curl of ribbon between the candle and fill in empty gaps with... what do you think? More greenery and pinecones! :)
Place a cinnamon broom beside a table and put a basket full of pine and poinsettias on the floor.
Thanks for reading - more Christmas decor pics coming soon!







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