Christmas Door Decoration/Bulletin Board

This is my door decoration at church.
 It's very simple to make. Ergh.. I've gotta fix those letters Sunday after class... they're bugging me!
But anyway, aside from all that, all you have to do is draw, cut out, and tape your letters to the door.
"Ring out the news: Jesus is born!"
Make some glittery bells and hang them on some string going across the top.
Make the manger by cutting out long strips for the roof and walls. Make a handmade-looking star and a half and whole circle for Baby Jesus. Cut out 3 thick strips to make the manger. Assemble it all together and you've got yourself a very cute door decoration for Christmastime!
Here's the bulletin board I made for my classroom - this, too, is simple to make.
Start by patterning a green and blue checkerboard for the background. Cut out your letters and attach your message: 
"We love Him because He first loved us."
Again, cut out 3 thick strips for the manger, a half and a whole circle to make Baby Jesus. Assemble that together and you're done!
 Easy and cute!


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