Pin the Feather on the Turkey Thanksgiving game

This is a cute and simple game you can play with the little ones during the month of November-Thanksgiving time! I did this activity with my little brother and sister during one of their school days.
LOL, like my last minute turkey, there? You can't really tell he was an emergency project... right? RIGHT?!
Okay, it's really simple to make and easy to teach the kids how to play (most kids already know how to play-it's just like pin the tail on the donkey.)
Spin them 'round and 'round 3 times and let them try to stick the feather on the turkey's back.

Whoa! Abby was a little bit off....

That's a lot better!

This was a great choice of a game for Thanksgiving coming up this week. The kids ended up playing two more times after that!



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