Outdoor Fall Decorating!

This is the way we decorated for Fall outside this year!
Here's how you can do it too! Most of these thingsare easy to find around the house or garage, but if you don't have these things, you can also buy them for very cheap at stores and farms.
I pulled our old Radio Flyer wagon out to middle of our sidewalk patch. And piled some pumpkins and leaves inside.
It was quite handy that we had the mums planted there too!
Next, I decorated the corner of the house next to the door.
All your going to need is a hay bale, corn shocks, and some pumpkins and gourds. These can all be bought when you go pumpkin picking at your local patch. That is also a VERY great idea to do for a Fall activity wth your family, by the way!
Place a pitchfork into the bale, and add some pumpkins, Indian corn, and gourds in front.
Set an apple bushel basket on the bale, tip it over onto its side, and fill it with Fall leaves until they're spilling out. Nestle in some gourds and small pumpkins. Place and old straw hat on the top of the basket.
Next, Place some dried up or still green corn shocks behind the hay bale.
Add some scarecrows and a few more gourds here and there to fill in the gaps, and you should be just about finished!
That's it! I love the weather and colors of Fall and I hope your enjoying it as much as I am!
The trees have turned all the way to yellow and it makes everything looks so pretty!
Thanks for reading!


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