Farm Themed Sensory Bin

I love sensory bins, and I managed to find (and make) a sensory bin just in time for our farm week!

This was one of his favorites!
Using colored and plain macaroni as the base, I also provided a small container full of dirt off to the side. Don't forget to add all of the farm animals and tractors!

I made that barn from a puzzle box lid we had laying around. The door can also open! You can't see it, but he put all of the cows inside the barn.
He played with this bin for at least 2 hours! That's why I made this the very last project for school that day!
I think his favorite part about this bin was the container of dirt. He loved planting the "crops" (soup beans) in there and then using the farming tools to dig them back up . . .
Loading them into his tractor ,
And feeding them to the piggies behind the fence he built for them!
I think this bin is great for promoting active play, creativity, and imagination!


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