Counting on the Farm with our Thumbs!

This activity is Oh So Cute! It could be a craft, a time - filling activity, a great math project, or an idea to inspire his or her creativity and imagination!

All this week, we have been learning about life on the farm. Cows, chickens, pigs, goats, farmers, tractors, you name it, we learned about it. And the possibilties are endless when it comes to finding activities and crafts to do with my brother on the theme of "farm!"

Well, Tuesdays are Math days and I decided to use this idea for his counting. You can use this project for anything, really! 

I started with a grid and put in numbers with different farm animal names.
I let him do the work by himself. He recognized the number right away, dipped his little thumb in the paint, ( an inkpad can work just as well!) and stamped his print to match the numbers in the grid. I kinda helped him decide which color to choose for each one.

Although a pink chicken would be pretty cute! :)

When it had dried, I drew faces on the little thumbprints and they instantly became farm animals!

It turned out so cute!
He enjoyed it a lot, and it made math fun that day!
I hope this helped!

And thanks for reading! :)


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