Fall Hutch Decor ideas (Country, Rustic, and Primitive)

Yay! My favorite season of the year has finally arrived and I've been super busy trying to get some DIY projects finished so I could post them on my blog!
So, while I'm waiting for my projects to dry, I'm going to post some inspiration and ideas for Autumn decorating.

Here's our Dining Room hutch - all decorated! It has a country... rustic... homey look to it, I think.

So the top shelf had hurricane lamps and a basket on it, and some Mason jars with sticks and wheat in it.
The sticks are so cool! Fill some mason jars up with raffia, shredded paper, or tissue paper, and place a handful of sticks and wheat, dried weeds, or flowers in the jar.
The second shelf had old glass bottles and pitchers on it.
Add some leaves or attach a burlap ribbon to hang on the shelf, too!
Find a rusty bucket and fill it with spice tins and containers
The third shelf had a couple little scarecrow-men. I also added a rusty cheese grater and some old bells. We had a cookie jar filled with fall-colored potpourri and I managed to find a place for that on the shelf! :)
And now for the last shelf...
Well, you can see for yourself what I put on there! :)
Another scarecrow-man, (those guys are so cute!) A basket of eggs... A pot of sunflowers... salt and pepper shakers....
a homemade rustic sign (Want the tutorial for that? click here)
Anyway, and for the centerpiece, I bunched many large candles together on a pretty doily.
Very nice!
Also, by the way, You can make that little white candle on your own, too. Press some fall leaves against any size candle and pour wax over the leaves until it dries and sticks there.
There's a very simple and cheap fall decoration for ya! :)
Don't forget to sprinkle fall leaves all over the shelves, and place some pumpkins, apples and acorns on the shelves too! That always adds the perfect fall touch!
So, hopefully this gave you a few ideas when you start decorating. (If you haven't already!)
And when it got dark, I lit the candles and it was absolutely gorgeous! The candle centerpiece was a success!
Happy Decorating!


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