"B" is for Banana Cream Pie!

Here's a great idea for helping kids recognize the letter of the week:

"B" is for Banana Cream Pie!

Very simple! It seems like a game to him, but he's really learning in the process.
I don't like school to be boring... Worksheets for his age are the pits.
I put a bunch of cottonballs in a pie pan and cut out some "bananas" with random letters (lowercase and uppercase) on them with some "B's" added in the mix.
I showed him my creation and asked him to pick out all the "B" bananas for me so we could make the perfect banana cream pie.
We had been learning about the letter B all week, and it took him no time at all to find the lower and uppercase B's.
After he had sorted out all of the letters that were not B's, he placed all of the proper bananas on the pie.
 And here's the finished project. He was quite proud of it because he had placed the B's right where he wanted them. It was HIS cream pie!  

This is a very good way for them to learn. Sorting and letter recognition were the main points we learned while doing this activity.
This is an awesome idea for learning the letter B for any age! 




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