Keeping Your Sensory Shelves Organized!

I love sensory bins! There are thousands of fun things you can use to enhance all kinds of learning skills!

And since I love them so much, I have a lot of things to use for each bin... but the problem was. . . where to put them all?

So, using a butcher's block table, I solved that problem in no time!

He even has his little apron hanging up, ready for a spur-of-the-moment sensory time!
The top shelf held the large containers.
(macaroni, numbering cups and stirring sticks, farm animals and water beads)
The next shelf (well, actually I should say the next drawer) was filled with the bin bases.
(sand, beans, stones for aquariums, and seashells)
I made sure to label all of the containers and bags so I could remember which sensory bin it belonged to!
*Some things were used more than others, such as the beans and macaroni. So I just wrote down every theme it was used for so I wouldn't forget!*
The next shelf held jars of small details and fun things for the bins:
(marbles, foliage, dirt, tunnels and Lego's.)
I was out of shelves, and still had no place for the bin itself with all of the measuring cups and spoons! So, I decided to put the empty space under his school table to good use!
And there, the bin sits with all of the cups, spoons, bowls, funnels, and other cool things inside of it.
Anytime we want to use a certain themed sensory bin, we just pull out the bin, dump the appropriately labeled stuff inside and have a blast!


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