Cabinet filler

Sorry, I haven't been posting in a while... Busy life, I know.

Here is a DIY you might want to try when displaying decorations for any room. This mini-china cabinet was empty at one time, and it took me forever to think of things to fill it with!

Here's my great idea! Sadly, I couldn't get my violin nor my piano to fit in there... :(

But anyway, it matches so well with my room and looks so cute with all of those instruments displayed in there. It also saves room for storing space and keeps them from getting dusty! :)
I decided to get a little more creative later and put a music book in the back of the cabinet. It added a nice touch.

I hope you have some inspiration now, too! 
Use a small (or large) glass china cabinet to fill it with something other than knicknacks and fragile items! Make it match and complement your decor!


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