Game Night

Happy new year to all! I hope it's been treating you well! I have a new post for you today! This can apply to any game team, and any sport- whether it be the Superbowl or World Series. I want to show you the decorations and food I put together for this night!

 I whipped up these free-handed Dodgers signs to hang on the table and walls. I also cut out some small circles to make baseballs.  I bought two blue tablecloths (to match the team colors) and put my boyfriend's hat on the table also. 

 I added the other tablecloth to the serving bar and attached more signs and some spiral stars for decoration. The total cost for the decorations was only $5 because I already had the paper!

 As for the food, I made Corn dog bites (which was chopped hot dogs wrapped in crescent roll squares for about 12 minutes!) with warm cheese sauce, Cheesy bacon potato wedges, and mozzarella sticks.

 Cheesy french bread, Mac and cheese, and Baseball cookies! (white chocolate dipped oreos with red icing to make the baseball stitching)

It was a great night and I hope this was an inspiration to you!

Thanks for reading!


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