How I Keep Long Distance Alive

My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years and are currently going on... 8 months and counting in long distance! It's hard, and I feel your pain if you're going through this right now too. He is about 3 hours behind me, so that makes it harder to communicate or find free time to Facetime and talk.
(Ex: When he is finally off work, I am getting ready for bed!)

But if you want it to work, you HAVE to put some effort into it!

*Here are my top 5 tips I have done to keep the distance strong.*

1) Find a hobby.
 Whether it's something you haven't done in a while, something you want to do together over distance, or trying something new, keep your mind busy. 
The first few months, I came home from work and sat in my room (usually wasting time on the internet.) It left a lot of open time to sit, think, and feel even worse that I couldn't be with my boyfriend. Keep your mind busy to avoid that. I'm not saying to ignore him, never make time for him, or never express how much you miss him when you talk. I'm saying it is best to keep your mind focused on goals and hobbies to make the time go faster while you two are away.
I keep up quite a few hobbies in my spare time: reading, painting, and cooking!:)

2) Express your love.

I've sent him 2 decorated care packages full of his favorite things (which I have shared here and here also!)
 I've made him goodbye gifts (as seen above), sent him things he mentioned he needed (he had no idea I'd get it for him!), wrote poems.. the list could go on! I've tried to visit him as much as possible also, which is a big plus!
If you're looking at this list and thinking, "I'm not crafty enough to make him gifts, not creative enough to write poems, and really don't have the money to go visit often or at all!" 
You can always write letters :)
I know, it sounds so lame compared to so many other things you could do to express your love. But, the number one thing my Daniel loves are the letters I write and spray with perfume. He has kept every single one of them. Trust me, he will keep them. Nothing expresses your love more than a handwritten note explaining how you feel that day. It's the best.

3) Keep it light

He hates the distance as much as you do. If your man works a lot or goes to college, he doesn't want to feel worse when you've dumped your feelings on top of him, too. It's okay to tell him how you feel. It's alright to be sad in front of him sometimes! 
But he also needs the fun and teasing texts, the silly snapchat faces, and app game challenges from you. I took a photo shoot making light of the long distance and sent them to him. He loved it! Try to be there for him when he is having a bad day at work, or misses you as well! Keep it light by encouraging him, praying for him, and finding different ways to make him laugh!
4) Communicate!

I guess this should have been number one! Of course, mostly everybody knows that any kind of relationship requires communication. But long distance needs a little more TLC. Texting is great to keep in touch throughout the day, but you need to make face-to-face time to just talk. Make a date to talk. If you're able to talk everyday, make sure you free your time to show him that he is important to you.

5) Have patience.

 Saved the worst for last, because it's the hardest one I'm having trouble with. I like to schedule... everything! And after about a month of separation, that's enough time to be away, to be honest!! 
But the most important tip in this whole post has GOT to be patience. Patience in many areas for this relationship. Limit your arguments, adjust with his and your changing schedule, and endure those days without him. Going to outings or celebrating holidays without your love hurts, and can get very frustrating, but whatever goals you and your boyfriend have set (Ex: like finishing College), you have to try your best to be patient, and ride out your time.

I'm not saying this to make it easier, because it hurts to be away, but I really hope this has helped you or at least given you some ideas to try! 

Thanks for stopping by to read!


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