Valentine's Ideas for your Man!

These are a few ideas to create for the love in your life, and I hope it is an inspiration for you to try!

Inside his Valentine gift bag, I added about 10-15 little kisses. (I had to kiss paper that many times!!) When I cutout the lip smacks, I wrote on the back of each "Why he would deserve that kiss." 

As if my lips weren't tired enough, (jk, I could never get enough!) I kissed all over the page and added this quote. On the back, I wrote his love letter.

Later that afternoon, I made a small lunch for him. While he was out getting our food, I surprised him with a fully decorated table and a cherry cheesecake I made the night before! 
It was such a sweet surprise, and his face was priceless! 

 The table was complete with a tablecloth, rose petals, candles, pictures of us, a vase of roses, conversation hearts, Valentine decorations, and goblets with:
*strawberries frozen into ice cubes, served with sprite.

We had a great day and he enjoyed the surprises! We exchanged our gifts and had a good time together.


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