This Face Routine is Clearing my Skin!

I have wrestled with acne for about 6 years, and never fully conquered it! At first, I tried a lot of cleansers and creams, but after a few months, the blemishes came back. 
A few years of trial and error, I switched to all-natural and organic face solutions, but the same result occurred (even when I switched the products on and off every other night so my skin would not get used to it!) 

I am pleased to announce, that after 3 months of trying this routine, my face is cleared up with no new spots! All of these products can be bought at Walmart at reasonable prices, but I still use natural products because it has always worked well for my skin and keeps the acne at bay. I no longer feel the need to cover my face with half a bottle of foundation each day OR want to hide my face from the world!

Here is what I do:
In the shower every night, I clean my face with Aveeno Active Naturals Clear Complexion Cream Cleanser, this washes off most of my makeup.

After the shower, (every other night- I don't want to dry out my skin too much. It will bring in more oil to my face.) I rub witch hazel on my skin. This cleans up any leftover makeup and gives my face a deeper cleaning. It also helps tighten my pores.

  I just use a soft pad, which come in a large pack for pretty cheap.

Next, after my face has fully dried, I apply some kind of acne treatment and wait for that to dry also. I stay on the natural route because I have such sensitive skin. Plus, I have already cleaned my face of all dirt and need something light to put on my fresh naked skin :)

These are the 3 I choose from: 
*Tea tree oil (Which really takes care of the problem ASAP)
*Aloe Vera Spray (I only use this when my skin is pretty clear)
*Apple Cider Vinegar (A great toner, smells bad until it dries, but does the job! Probably not a great idea to apply the vinegar the same day as the witch hazel, because they are both toners.)
The apple cider vinegar tightens the pores and softens the skin as well.

Lastly, I add my moisturizer (every night). I just bought Simple about 2 weeks ago- so we'll see how well it does! Simple is a formula made for sensitive skin. This is my first time trying moisturizer before bed because I have always been worried to add more moisture on my already-oily skin. But it has helped tremendously so far!

I hope this was a help to you! Believe me, I understand the struggle of dealing with acne and I wanted to share this with you to be a help! I used to have bad breakouts, but after trying this routine, it has cleared up my skin in no time at all, and I am so happy!

Thanks for stopping by and giving this a read!


I use Aloe Vera gel to smooth shaved areas after I shower. It heals the cuts or razor burns you may have after shaving.

While you are waiting for your acne to clear up, I found that the Covergirl Outlast 3 in1 gives me the best coverage to hide those red spots!

And lastly, be sure to give your face at least one day of rest without makeup. You should allow your skin to breathe and relax for a day. 

Try your best to avoid touching your face!


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