My Prayer Wall

This was an idea I started at College and want to carry it into my marriage as well. It is so beneficial for me!
A prayer wall! I thought of the idea shortly before watching War Room, which helped me think of more ideas to create it.

This was my College version. I used the side of my closet to keep the clutter contained in that small dorm room.
Before I started, I had the same idea as you: How am I going to sort ALL of my requests on one wall?! 

I decided to sort them by topic and list individual requests below each. So as I prayed, I could work my way down.

 *Current Requests: Present issues my friends, family and I were dealing with.
* General Requests: missionary families, evangelists, long distance friends, church families, my Pastor, etc.
*Relationship Requests: all things Daniel and I were working on, such as bus route vistitors, health in College, goals for our future together, etc.
*Misc. Requests: the coming election, and anything else I felt I needed to mention.
*In the center, I attached an envelope in which I put heart-shaped papers inside for every prayer request He answered. It is a blessing to go back and reread those requests now!
*At the bottom (which is not pictured) I had a single notebook page for my own personal requests of things I was going through.

This prayer wall was such a help- especially in College, because it kept my prayer life a little more organized, and every time my eye would fall on a specific request, I would say a prayer for them!

 Of course, when I came home, I could spread out a little more and dedicate a whole wall to my prayer needs! I had the same categories, but added some Bible verses to read out loud that would help me throughout the day. I added a clipboard to the wall to add a daily/weekly verse, and attached some handwritten prayers that were heavy on my heart. I also added pictures of my loved ones and missionary cards, putting my prayer requests into a better perspective.

One last addition I made:
I decorated a large piece of paper saying: Pray for Daniel. That's my boyfriend :)
Everytime I prayed, I remembered to stick a heart beside that sign. Soon, I started covering the wall. It was a reminder to me to always pray for my boyfriend and the things He faces each day at home and work. 
Thank you for taking the time to read all this! If you have the extra space to create a prayer wall, it will not be a waste of effort! Seeing my requests spread out on the wall to pray for each day really helped boost my prayer life and gave me the desire to stay more committed to the things I promise others I'd pray for. 
The best thing I learned from all this is that even though I had many requests on the wall, God knows every single one and loves to hear me tell Him about them. 

Thanks again for stopping by!


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