Stocking Stuffer Ideas for your Guy!

My boyfriend's Christmas care package should be arriving at his house soon! I enjoyed putting his gifts together, including his stocking, which is always filled with treats and goodies he loves! 

 "Miel" is a sort-of pet name I've given him. It's Spanish for "honey" and it's just what I've come to call Daniel. So Miel is the name I painted on his stocking. I'll just brief y'all on what is inside his stocking this year:
-Candy canes
-Hershey kisses (along with my lipstick print to ring in the New Year with a "kiss" - - Long distance, you see.)
-A bag of (chocolate) coal from Santa
-His favorite candy! Blow pops, Dove chocolate and M&Ms. 
-Sunflower seeds (His absolute fav!)
-Transparent ornament (these can be found at Walmart for $1. I put a love letter inside)
-Blank ornament for writing a cute message
-Cute beanie baby- Pugs are his favorite dog

Here are a few more ideas you can also include:
-Beard or shaving oil (you can DIY with coconut oil and essential oils)
-"Manly" body gel
-new tie
-needs such as razors, new toothbrush, phone charger, etc.


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