2016 Christmas Decor Ideas

Hey y'all! This year I was home for the holidays and was able to help my mom decorate the house for Christmas! She wanted to keep the rustic country theme, so we used whatever decorations she had and just rolled with it! I'm going to give you a quick tour of our room decor today! Hope it inspires you to try some new ideas this year as well!

Her fireplace looks perfect! We added some little brown stuffed mittens my siblings colored for us along the edge of the fireplace. The basket of poinsettias and pinecones looks so cute!

We found a bicycle hub in the garage, and I added some pine garland and book page letters spelling out J-O-Y attached to the spokes with clothespins. Mini clothespins might work better for this DIY. 
Next to the wheel, a small wreath was hung in front of a mirror. The mirror reflects the Christmas lights in the evening which adds a nice touch.

 As a side table display, we laid some faux snow inside an old Russell Stover candy tin. We added the finishing touches by settling antique ornaments beside some green garland.These old ornaments have been in the family for years.

 Can't find a place for the Christmas "statement candles?" Group them all together in a basket, or a toy sled. This display is on our piano in front of our hand-painted Christmas sign.

 We had the living room decorated, but seemed to be missing something. We needed a large decoration to fill in the empty space of the back wall above the couch. 
We used an oversized picture frame and added a big red bow with some antique ornaments hanging down. We used burlap strips to hang the ornaments from the bow at different levels.

 It seemed to do the trick! 

This is hanging in our kitchen window right now and it adds such a cute touch to the room!

Candy canes tied with thick red ribbon and hung from the ceiling. We also added some garland around the window as well.

Those were our new ideas this year! Hope it was an inspiration to you! Thanks for stopping by and giving this a read!
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