Mini Canvas Gift and Handmade Cards

These little canvases will be perfect for some last minute gifts! I painted these for the goodie bags I put together for my friends returning to College last week. I found them at Walmart for just $0.97! The sky's the limit for what to paint on these! I use them as cute quotes and reminders. Here was the final result for mine:

These handmade cards can take up as much time as you want! I spent an evening of making 30+ handmade cards to keep in stock for last minute gifts for my boyfriend. I literally used gel pens and stickers for making them- not a lot of cutting and pasting to make elaborate scrapbook cards. You can use whatever free time you have to make a supply of handmade best friend cards, Christmas cards, birthday cards, get well soon, etc.
I found that people love to admire the time and creativity you put in to make their card special! In 5-10 minutes, I can whip up a crafty card to my gift, and it adds a nice touch! 

Here are some of the "Love cards" I made for my boyfriend (who I am long distancing right now). Some are corny, others pretty, but all heartfelt!

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