Where Have I Been?

Just wanted to first say that I am so glad to be back here on my blog posting life and such... I've been away for too long!

For the last two years, I've been attending a Bible College just a bit farther down the road from my house in Indiana. I took a two year to gain a little bit more experience. With the obvious college schedule, studying, weekend activities, and work, posting updates on my blog was nearly impossible! Now that I've graduated, I have so many more great ideas and stories to share with you!

College was excellent! I gained so much experience and so many friendships that will truly last for a lifetime! I don't regret a single day spent there-- it was worth the time, effort, energy, and concentration! 
While at College, I had the privilege to go on tour to represent and minister to nearby churches in the Summer of 2015- but those stories will come later :) 



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