In His Time

This was a short poem I created to remind me about God's plan for my life.
I have, like everyone else has had, trials and troubles that make me want to scream out "That's not fair!" We all know that God is the Potter in our lives. He forms, molds, and creates a beautiful work of art that reflects His glory.
Have you ever gone to an art museum or see a building structure that is so big or beautiful it automatically makes you think of the artist that had to create, design, and finish the product? That's what I want people to see when they see me or my actions.
A work of God's art.
But of course, he can't just make us into something great right away, it takes work from both sides- I have to be willing. And sometimes that's hard. Especially when he has to take off any impurities or take us through the fire to make us into a masterpiece.
I'm trying to look at this at a different point of view. We see other people having good things happen to them, and sometimes we think that God cannot see us or doesn't care about us. I'm trying to stop looking at others and know that God is working on me too. He's working on everybody. Some need more work than others, some don't. In the end, I don't want to be like anyone else.
I want to know that I was the worthy vessel He had planned for me to be.
I love playing the piano no matter what time of the day. But I can't just sit at the bench and plink on a few notes hoping for the best. I know what key makes what sound. When you combine several notes together, you can create a song that inspires others.
It's the same way with God.  He knows us down to the number of hairs on our heads. And He also knows what can help (not hurt) us to become useful for Him.
And that's the best part about it. We are all different people that respond to and handle things differently in life. He knows us all individually to know what can make us or break us and what will strengthen us to become stronger.
So if you think you've been dealt an unfair hand, God could careless about your welfare, or that He prefers some people better than you, know that it's not so. He's working on you to, everyday in your life to become a worthy vessel for Him.


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