5 Minute Crafts

These easy decorations are good for offices, bedrooms, and dorms! They are so simple to make and only take five minutes at a time. These can also be easily hung up with sticky tack, tape or nails.
I bought these frame cutouts at a thrift store and painted them according to the color code I was using. You can also buy the frame cutouts at Walmart as well.
I typed and printed a couple favorite quotes of mine, decorated them with gel pens ,(again matching my colors) and taped them to the back of the frame, creating a simple decoration!

Cutting out my initial out of cardboard and then out of card stock, I glued the two together and painted them. I chose to use the two together, because the cardboard would make it more sturdy on the wall.
After it had dried, I hot glued a matching bow in the corner.
This might take longer than 5 minutes. Using a piece of sheet music, and laid a treble clef cutout in the center. I painted the whole thing over with black paint, carefully painting over the cutout. I removed the cutout and this was the result: 

Very simple idea:
Glue a small sheet of music paper over card stock. Glue another smaller card stock piece in the center and draw a favorite quote or two by hand, decorating it with colored pens, and designing the paper around it as well.

Make your own frames by simply cutting a small piece of paper and gluing it over a colored piece of construction paper. Handwrite or print out a message and decorate.

Create the illusion of a frame by adding triangles to the corners of the paper.

Hopefully this has given you some help and ideas for decorating YOUR living space!

Thanks for reading!


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