Spring/Easter Chick Cupcakes

Spring is here, and Easter is on it's way! For a bake sale, I came up with the idea to make chick faces from the cupcakes I was making! So springy!! Here's how to do it:

*Bake a normal batch of vanilla, chocolate, or lemon cupcakes.

* While the cupcakes are cooling, dye dried coconut  using yellow food coloring shaken in a Ziploc bag.

*Prepare normal cupcake frosting and dye that yellow as well.

*After the cupcakes have dried, dip the tops of the cupcakes into the frosting and then dip them into the yellowed coconut. Do this for all the cupcakes: dip in frosting, dip in coconut.

*Cut orange jellybeans in half with scissors or a knife, and stick them into the cupcakes. Add chocolate chips to make the eyes.
*Serve at your Easter dinner, Spring party, or just because they're cute!

Thanks for reading!!


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