Timeless Vintage Necklace

I'd say this necklace difficulty could probably be a medium-it wasn't super easy- but you know me- it can't be THAT hard if I made it! I don't like hard stuffs...
Anyway, all you will need is:
*String (My personal favorite is un-waxed dental floss--I have used floss for years on my necklaces-and none of them have ever become untied, snapped apart, or broken!)
*Typical jewelry hardware (glue, jump rings, jewelry pliers, clasps, etc.)
*The beads of your choice. (I chose tan, brown and pearl beads.
*Vintage charm- I bought this at Hobby Lobby-and just for the record- I LOVE THAT STORE!)
*Special beads-(ones that will give your necklace character, such as copper or silver spacers, rhinestone beads, or unique-shaped beads)
Make a beautiful strand to your heart's content, and then add the charm either halfway through stringing, or afterwards- right in the middle. 

I think that charm is so pretty! It also had a little piece of cute lace at the top of the charm-that's what caught my eye at first anyway.
Of course, when it's all beaded, strung, and attached,
Tie the string around a closed jump ring and clasp, glue in place, and let it dry.

An (almost) simple project!
Thanks for reading- no get out there and craft!


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