Seek and Find Alphabet Game

We just did this project on Friday during Preschool and they loved it! It's very, very simple to do- a great learning activity as well!!

I started by writing down all of the letters we have learned so far (up to N) on small papers and put them in a large container- the same container I use for our sensory table.

Next, I went searching through the playroom for different toys and small objects that began with the same letters on the small papers. I dumped the stuff in the bin and poured our sensory macaroni on top of all of it, covering most of the things, including the letters.

Then the game began! I had the kids use measuring cups or plastic tongs to dig through the macaroni and find the treasures.

After they had dug through all of the macaroni, they began to sort out of the objects and letters.
I told them to find out what letter goes with which object or toy. It was very quiet for a whole 5 minutes. And I loved it! Mainly because they were so busy concentrating on the letter sounds, trying to match them according to the proper place.

G for gift and glasses, A for apple, H for headband, E for elephant, F for feet!

D for duck, K for key, I for igloo, N for nut!
It was good letter skills for them to learn- plus it helped in reviewing the letters!

And finally, they got it organized at last! All of the toys had the right beginning letter paired up with it!
They wanted to play again- I think this one's a keeper!


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