Winter Wonderland Mantle or Shelf Decor

This is the Christmas theme I chose for the shelf in my bedroom.
This can also work for a fireplace mantle as well. It's so pretty!

It's filled with tons of white candles, white, silver, and clear jars, pinecones, greenery and fake diamonds and pearls.  
I filled a tin bowl with twig balls and pearls appearing to be "spilling out."

I also used a goblet for my decor by putting diamonds and pinecones inside, tipping it onto a mirror, and cutting a tealight on the base of the goblet. A quick and easy decoration idea.
I used the same white vases from my fall decor, but filled it with white berries, snow crusted branches, pine, and twigs.

I also hung up some icicle ornaments along the bottom of the shelf.

Don't forget to add some shimmery ribbon or star garland to make it sparkle! Also, add greenery and pinecones to fill in gaps.
Now, let's light the candles!



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