Music Flower Ornament Tutorial

This is what we're making today: Music flower ornaments.

All you need is:
* Mason jar or frozen juice can lid.
* Scissors
*A coin (depending on what shape you want the circles to be. I usually use a quarter.)
*A pen.
*hot glue and E6000 glue
*rhinestones and glitter.
*Sheet music (or book pages)
Step 1:
Start by drawing circles on your paper- using your coin as a template. Cut them all out.

Step 2: Begin gluing your circles around the lid working from the outside in.*This is where you might want to use the E6000.

Step 3: Curl the edges of the circles. That can be achieved by using your skewer.
Fold the edge around the skewer and roll it towards you.
Slip the skewer out. Repeat the process to make it curlier.
Do this to all the circles on the lid.
Step 4: Glue a rhinestone in the center and glitter on the edges of the circles.

Step 5: Hot glue pretty ribbon and lace to the back of the lid so you can hang them up!

Step 6: Make a whole bunch of them and give away as gifts or hang them on your tree to add a cute and chic look!

Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas... in just 10 days!


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