Gift Wrapping Ideas and Tips

Need some ideas for wrapping this year? I might be able to lend a few tips: Here are all of my gifts already wrapped and ready to be ripped opened again... all that work. :(

Let's get started - or should I say, let's get wrapping!
*Try using a simply printed ribbon around the top of the package.
Tags that are almost as big as the gift always look cute, too!

*Use plain colored paper, such as white - tied with red curling ribbon. Simple yet elegant.

*Use a printed ribbon to match your plain package. The white paper and matching ribbon gives this package a wintry look.

*Pair different solid paper together and add matching ribbon. Use a foam snowflake as a eye-catching gift tag - I'll get to that later.

*If you have a couple wrapped gifts that need to be packaged together, try wrapping a solid color, and a printed paper. Tie on a patterned ribbon and another noticeable gift tag.

The brown paper is simple to use - recycle old grocery bags!

These packages  are looking so nice! It's easy to come up with inspiration as you move along with the wrapping.

*Make your gift tags just as cute as the packages! I found these adorable stockings clothespins at The Dollar General for a buck! They were actually made to hang up Christmas cards - the package came with about 15 of those cuties, so I just pulled them off the twine they were clipped to and used them for my gifts...
 Although they would make cute Christmas card holders... I might buy some more for that purpose! ;) 
You could even make these in your spare time. They look so simple to make!

 *I also like using the traditional peel and stick gift tags, but I've discovered these super cute tags (also bought at Dollar General). Their very pretty tags on foam squares. They seem to "pop-up" when attached. They also look very nice on the gifts.

*I bought these at Hobby Lobby (I think?? Either that, or Joann Fabrics) Anyway, they were a dollar, too and came with 12 of them. Just plain foam snowflakes - 6 sparkly and 6 plain.
I decided to use them on my gifts! Super cute, neat and cheap!
They look great on my packages!
You can use these anywhere on the gift, too. Not just for the tags! Attach them on the corner of the gifts, under the gift tags, or on the front of the gift all by itself.
*Get creative! Pair ribbon and bows together, plain and printed wrapping paper, trinkets and gift tags to tape to the top...  The possibilities are endless!

And remember- it doesn't always has to be big and extravagant wrapping - simple can be sweet too!

But If you are going extravagant, (and using wired ribbon,) go big!

*Tie the packages, finishing with a great big bow.
*Or just tie the middle in a knot and curl the ends.
*For a really pretty package, let the curled ribbon ends roll and spill over the top of the package. Talk about beautiful!
However you wrap your gifts this year, they're sure to look nice, with your inspiration and love wrapped along with them. I hope this gave you some tips and help for creating beautiful packages!

Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas... it's only a few days away!


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