Black, Red and White Christmas Tree

This is my tree - set to my music themed decor.
It has many different ornaments on it. From treble clefs, to instruments, to quarter and half notes, handmade music sheet ornaments!
Also included are some black and white baubles, and such. I also added in some diamond-like ornaments, tree clips and red branches and berries for the accent color to tie it all in together.
This was made by mod podging music sheets onto a foam ball and inserting red tipped straight pins once it had dried.
We tied a music ribbon around the bottom of the star, so it wouldn't look so bare.

I wrapped some empty boxes with music sheets and pretty ribbon I found at the Dollar Tree. (love that store)
I placed some instruments tied with ribbons under the tree as well.
That's all! Now to turn off the bedroom lights and enjoy the beauty!
Thanks for reading!




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