8 Easy Christmas Crafts

These crafts are so easy and festive!
Some of them require foot prints and other "hands-on" help...... literally!

This craft can be done by making a long banner of taped paper and drawing a thin line for the strand.
Have the kids dip their fingers in paint or ink or various colors and stamping them along the strand.
We made this for the letter L-
 L is for lights.
I cut out a gingerbread man (which I'm cracking up at now, because his shape is so silly!)
Anyway, I supplied different colored shapes and had him create a face with the shapes. Then we counted how many of each shapes. Math, art, and shape recognition in one project!
The next craft consisted of colored blue paper. White paper was ripped and glued to create a snowy background. I had Ben dip his finger in brown paint and stamp as many prints as he wanted.
After they dried, I added walking feet, faces, and trees.
the next project is probably the easiest one on this post:
I supplied the Christmas cookie cutters and red and green paint, Ben supplied the beautiful outcome of this craft!
(You know, that would make really cute wrapping paper!)
This one was a math project, but ended up turning into a craft. I had them color the light bulbs any color they wanted, and then match the objects to the correct color.
The next one. Easily done by stamping a painted green foot onto white paper, and adding red "dot" berries and red ribbon.
We decorated foam trees I cut out for them. They glued on rhinestones, sequins, glitter glue and buttons. Nothing planned or scheduled for this project- just letting their imaginations go to work.
And lastly, we stamped a painted brown foot and painted some hay inside.
We painted a little Baby inside the foot manger and I had the kids dab some yellow stars in the sky with their fingerprints.
I added the "Away in a Manger" rhyme last of all.
I hope this has been a help - they're very simple to do- and so fun! Enjoy!
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