Macaroni Sensory Bin

Here's a very simple sensory bin everybody can try out! 

Ben liked this one a lot too!
All that's in there is macaroni, measuring cups and spoons, and a couple matchbox cars.

I thought the colored macaroni added a nice bright look to it. This can be achieved by putting some plain macaroni in a bag and add food coloring as needed. 

He liked making macaroni mountains for his monster trucks to slide and drive on.

But he spent most of his time "cooking" with the macaroni. 

He enjoyed making mac 'n' cheese for me to "eat!"

He REALLY liked making me mac 'n' cheese!

You can basically use this bin idea for anything. You can add in letters of the week or colors. You can also use this to match and sort out objects or just let him use his imagination - like he did for the mac 'n' cheese!

Thanks for reading!


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